• Implements and evaluates club goals, ensuring that all members are involved and informed 
  • Presides at all club meetings and works with club and district leaders to achieve goals
  • Encourages participation in district meetings, conferences and events. 
  • Ensures that youth protection policies are followed
  • Ensures continuity in leadership and service projects


  • Sets annual club goals in accordance with the club’s strategic plan
  • Works with club and district leaders to ensure regular and consistent training and continuity in leadership and service projects


  • Managing funds
  • Collecting and submitting dues and fees
  • Reporting on the state of club finances
  • Working with The Rotary Foundation
  • Developing a budget
  • Preparing successor


  • Maintaining membership records
  • Sending out notices of meetings of the club, board and committees
  • Recording and maintaining minutes of club, board, and committee meetings
  • Making required reports to Rotary International and District 5370
  • Recording attendance at meetings, and reporting monthly attendance figures to the district governor within 15 days of the last meeting of each month
  • Working with other club leaders

Club Committee Directors

  • Provide leadership in Rotary’s five avenues of service
  • Help the officers of the club fulfill their responsibilities
Past Presidents
1990-1991                            Dennis Pommen  (Charter President)
1991-1992                            Bob Petersen
1992-1993                            Rick Hernblade
1993-1994                            Gerry Palmer
1994-1995                            Dennis Miller
1995-1996                            Ed Matheson
1996-1997                            Ed Hopper
1997-1998                            Terry McBurney
1998-1999                            Sid Slade
1999-2000                            Ken McCrae
2000-2001                            Barbara Rothe
2001-2002                            Al Petersen
2002-2003                            Dianne Palovcik
2003-2004                            Don Lowry         
2004-2005                            Charlie Teeuwsen
2005-2006                            Jack Skinner
2006-2007                            John Vrolijk
2007-2008                            Keith Paterson 
2008-2009                            Linda Osinchuk 
2009-2010                            Vic Bidzinski
2010-2011                            Al Petersen  (20th Anniversary of Club)
2011-2012                            Ted Greer
2012-2014                            Mike Whittall (served 2 terms of one year)
2014-2015                            Ian McCormack
2015-2016                            Erin Stephen
2016-2017                            Doug Sedore
2017-2018                            Lyle Johnson
2018-2019                            David Asp
2019-2020                            Bob Dawson
2020-2021                            Mike Gorski
2021-2022                            Paul Humphery
2022-2023                            David Atkinson 
Five Avenues of Service
The Rotary Club of Sherwood Park is organized into five divisions to carry out the Five Avenues of Service which form the foundation of Rotary's work.  Our committees support the Object of Rotary by encouraging and fostering the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.  All members ensure that the focus of their work is Service Above Self.